Dealing with death can bring up a lot of emotions, and when it comes to dealing with the deceased’s estate, there can be a lot of stress involved. Where there are joint executors dealing with the estate, tension can sometimes run high and cause disputes. This is just one reason why it’s important to use a good probate solicitors in Portsmouth to assist in dealing with the estate.

At Andrew & Andrew, we have been acting as probate solicitors in Portsmouth for over 70 years, and have seen and dealt with everything when it comes to disputes.

Selling property

Often the deceased’s estate includes a property, and a decision needs to be made on how the assets from that property can be divided among the beneficiaries. Should the property be sold on the open market, or is it acceptable for a beneficiary to purchase it? One executor may wish to delay selling the property, waiting for the market to pick up, while another may wish to sell for a lower price to free up funds sooner. One executor may wish to renovate the property before selling it, while the other prefers to sell it immediately at a lower price.

Administration expenses

It’s normal to keep a record of administration expenses which are payable from the estate. However, what one executor claims as an administration expense, the other executor may not agree with.

Avoiding conflict

If two or more people named as executors don’t get on, it may make sense for one of them to renounce as executor, meaning they forfeit the right to act for the deceased, or register with power reserved, meaning they can apply to the court to step in at a later date. If you think you may have issues dealing with another executor, it is best to discuss the matter with our probate solicitors in Portsmouth so that we can help you come to an agreeable resolution.

Communication is the most important thing in keeping things running smoothly when it comes to probate. If the executors and beneficiaries are not communicating effectively, things can grind to a halt. For this reason, engaging a good probate solicitors in Portsmouth can make all the difference.