After being involved in an accident, you are likely to have a lot on your mind. Your health will be a priority, and getting back to normal can take some time.

When you are ready, you may consider talking to a personal injury lawyer to make a compensation claim.

Compensation claims can seem confusing, and will often present even more challenges and leave you with unanswered questions.

Our expert personal injury solicitors in Portsmouth have answered the most common questions we encounter with those looking to start a personal injury compensation claim.

How much is my injury case worth?

Compensation can range from approximately £1,000.00-£5,000.00 for a straightforward road traffic accident claim to a seven-figure sum for life-changing and extensive injuries.

We approach each case individually, and we can substantially advise on how much we think your case is worth after receiving all evidence regarding your losses and injuries.

Is there a time limit to start my claim?

Most personal injury claims in the UK are bound by a three-year limitation period. In simple terms, legal proceedings must commence within three years from the date of the accident. In certain cases where the injury becomes apparent after the accident, this limitation period can be extended.

It is important to note that some claims may have even shorter limitation periods, such as criminal injuries or accidents that occur outside of the UK. We can provide guidance on the specific limitations relevant to your situation.

Will my claim go to court?

It depends on the circumstances of your case. However, most defendants prefer to settle out of Court. In fact, less than 5% of our cases end up before a trial judge.

How long will my claim take to settle?

Typically, we resolve uncomplicated road traffic accident cases within 6-9 months, although workplace accidents and incidents involving slips and trips on highways may take longer.

In cases of intricate and severe injuries, settlements can extend to several years owing to the intricate nature of the issues at hand and the necessary time for a comprehensive evaluation of the actual injury consequences.

The specific durations are also contingent on whether the opposing party acknowledges or contests liability.

Talking to our solicitors in Portsmouth can help you discover the estimated time to settle at the start of your claim.

What happens if my claim fails?

If the claim fails, there will not be a penny to pay towards our costs as long as the contract you entered into was a ‘no win, no fee’ agreement.

You will be protected against paying the defendant’s costs unless a Court finds that your claim is dishonest.

Can I make a claim, even if the accident was my fault?

In order to claim compensation from a court, it is necessary to prove that the accident was the direct or indirect fault of another individual or organisation. If you caused the accident due to negligence, it is highly unlikely that your claim will be successful.

But, you may be able to claim compensation if the accident was partly your fault.

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