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If you have had an accident in the last three years, which resulted in you becoming injured, you may be entitled to compensation. Our legal advice offers a path forward, free from stress and focused on your recovery.

Andrew & Andrew Solicitors Ltd is a specialist personal injury solicitors firm with over 70 years of experience helping clients maximise the compensation that they deserve after suffering harm or injury in an accident.

Whether the incident has taken place in a vehicle, at work, in a public place or private property, there will be support available for you. It is our job to get the maximum compensation for your accident and help you get back to living your life at full speed.

Compensation you may be entitled to

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Personal Injury FAQs

We have answered our most frequently asked questions about personal injury below. If you do not find the information you need, please feel free to get in touch and one of our personal injury experts will be able to answer your specific question.

Compensation is split into two parts:

General Damages: General damages is the amount of compensation you will receive for pain, suffering and loss of amenity.  It is based on the severity of the injuries you have suffered and the length of time it has taken to recover, if you have indeed recovered from the injuries sustained.  As a result, every case is different, however, solicitors who specialise in personal injury have years of experience in this area and will be able to provide an estimate of the amount of general damages you are likely to achieve.

Special Damages: Special damages is the amount of compensation you receive to cover any losses, ‘out of pocket expenses’ you have incurred as a result of the accident, such as:

  1. Loss of property
  2. Loss of earnings
  3. Property adaptations
  4. Private treatment costs / rehabilitation
  5. Loss of pension
  6. Prescription costs and medication
  7. Travelling expenses
  8. Aids and equipment

It takes into account costs and losses which will continue in the future, such as:

  • Future loss of earnings
  • Future care costs
  • Future pension loss
  • Future aids and equipment

This is to ensure that you do not suffer financial hardship as a result of your accident.

Compensation can range from approximately £1,000.00-£5,000.00 for a straightforward road traffic accident claim to a seven-figure sum for life-changing and extensive injuries.  We treat each case on an individual basis and can only substantially advise on how much we think your case is worth once we have seen all of your evidence regarding your injury and losses.

One of the common things we get asked is “how do I finance my injury claim?”.  Firstly, we operate on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis which means you have nothing to pay if your case is lost and under the agreement we finance your case as it progresses.  If we win your case, we take our fee in part from the losing party (usually the insurance company) and partly from you.  The part payable by you is paid for from the compensation you receive but this is limited to 25% of your award (following changes in the law which were effective from the 1 April 2013).

If you would like more information, please call Andrew and Andrew Solicitors.

In England and Wales, the general rule is that a claim should be brought within three years of the date that the incident causing an injury or illness occurred or the date you were first aware that you had suffered an injury or illness due to negligence.  Additional time limits include:

  • Where a claim is being made on behalf of someone who has died, the claim must be brought within three years of their date of death;
  • Where a claim is being made on behalf of a child, the three year time limit does not begin until the child reaches age 18 in England and Wales or the child reaches age 16 in Scotland;
  • ‘Date of knowledge’ – where you were not aware of the injury until later;
  • There is no time limit on making a claim where the injured person lacks mental capacity.

Different time limits may apply if the incident causing injury occurred whilst abroad.  Our experts in accidents abroad will be able to confirm this.

Although these are the general rules when it comes to time limits, there may be occasions when the Court would make a discretionary decision in order to pursue a claim outside the general time limits, so it is always best to speak to our team who can advise you on whether or not you can pursue a claim.

Your claim will be submitted to the defendant who will have a specific timescale to either admit or deny liability.  If they admit liability, we simply press on to obtain medical evidence and detail your out-of- pocket expenses so that a full valuation can be placed with the aim of settling your case.

If they deny liability, we will obtain full disclosure documentation from the defendant so that we are able to assess your claim and we will then issue Court proceedings.

Once issued through Court, the case is given a specific timetable by a Judge leading up to an eventual trial.

It depends on the circumstances of your case, however, most defendants prefer to settle out of Court.  Less than 5% of our cases end up before a trial judge.

We usually settle a straightforward road traffic accident case within 6-9 months, but workplace accidents and highway slips and trips can take longer.  Complex and serious injury cases can take up to several years to settle due to the complexity of the issues involved and the time required to assess the true impact of the injuries.  The timeframes are also dependent on whether the other side admits or denies liability.

Once liability has been established (i.e. the other party has accepted full or partial responsibility for the accident), you can apply for early payments of your compensation.  These are called interim payments.

People who have suffered a serious injury can often suffer financial difficulties, for example if they have been unable to work or have had to pay for private treatment or rehabilitation costs.  Interim payments can be applied for to cover these costs and form part of your overall damages claim.

Yes, you can still make a claim. It is useful to keep a note of the exact date and time that your accident occurred together with any other information which may assist, for example, the weather, traffic or workplace conditions (dependent on the type of accident you have had).

In addition, entries within your medical records can be used as supportive evidence, particularly where treatment was sought immediately after your accident from your GP or at hospital.

Employers have to be insured for employee accidents.  Any claim is initially dealt with by the company’s insurers.  Technically yes, but such circumstances are very rare as the event may bring about an ‘unfair dismissal’ claim.

When making a personal injury claim for an accident, you will be required to attend a medical appointment as part of the claims process.  An independent medical report is needed to provide evidence of the injuries sustained.

Your solicitor will organise the appointment for you.  When attending the examination, it is extremely important that you advise the medical expert of any pre-existing illness and symptoms, quite apart from fully explaining your injuries from the accident.

If the claim fails, there will not be a penny to pay towards our costs as long as the contract you entered into was a ‘no win, no fee’ agreement.  You will be protected against paying the defendants costs unless a Court finds that your claim is dishonest.

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