The time has finally come! You’re planning to sell your current home and move to your forever home. But in your housing-dream, you did not expect all of the paperwork you’ve been piled with, or the number of unexpected payments you’re expected to make. Conveyancing solicitors in PortsmouthAndrew & Andrew, can help you with selling your old house and finally buying your new home.

We want to make sure that the process of selling and buying a home is fast, simple and personable. With us, you’ll experience all of these things and more. Here’s a basic rundown of what you can expect when you work with us at Andrew & Andrew.

Selling your house

As time passes and you need to move out of your current home, it can be a highly stressful period. If you end up selling your home on your own and without a solicitor on your side, the lengthy process can take up more time, money and mental energy than is needed. Andrew & Andrew’s conveyancing solicitors in Portsmouth will oversee mortgage offers, contracts, payments, deeds and much more.

We understand that each sale of a house is unique and we treat it as such. Your personal solicitor will work closely with you to make sure that all of your questions are answered, and that you are eased through the selling process. We’ve helped clients sell many houses, and we’re ready to help you too!

Buying a house

Like selling a home, buying a home can also cause unnecessary stress. Finding the right home, making sure the paperwork is all sorted, and making sure that you get a good deal when buying a home is important, but it’s not the only part of buying your next abode. At Andrew & Andrew, we have long-standing relationships with estate agents, meaning we can guide you on the best buy for your family or for your individual needs.

The other services that we offer

Besides selling or buying your home, we have a number of other services that we provide to our clients. These include helping you create a will, assisting you if you were involved in an accident and more. We stand out for being personable and answering your questions and concerns throughout your time with us. Get in touch with us for more information, or come into our offices for a private meeting.

Let us help you today

With 60 years of experience behind us, at Andrew & Andrew, we’re able to assist you and make the moving experience easier, and hassle-free. Contact us today and organise a meeting so we can help you with your moving.

You will have a conveyancing solicitor assigned to you, and they will be your point of contact throughout the moving or buying process. If they can’t work with you for whatever reason, another member of our team will be prepped and ready to work with you. All we expect you to do is simply focus on your dream of having a forever home; we’ll focus on the rest!