Andrew & Andrew solicitors Portsmouth have been practising since 1954, ensuring that our clients get the representation and support that they seek. Having over 70 years of service within the legal sector allows us to give the correct advice to our clients so they can ensure their own positive outcomes. We are committed to giving the best level of service to our clients. We have established a strong team of experienced professionals who take every opportunity to support their clients with expertise in a wide range of legal issues. We have an excellent reputation both in our local area but also UK wide. We give the same high level of service to each and every person who makes an enquiry with our practice. You should read on to find more about the services we offer, why we think you should consider our practice and what you should do next if you do decide that we are the right firm for you.

What is a solicitor?

We here at our solicitors Portsmouth specialise in numerous aspects of the law, ensuring that we can assist in any case that comes to us. If you have had an accident in the last three years that saw you injured then you could be entitled to compensation. We can support you with this claim. We can also support you in your endeavours to buy and sell your property, ensuring you have the correct advice at your disposal to get the job done. We have a vast knowledge of family law and can use this to find reasonable solutions for all involved parties in any disputes.

Family law disputes are resolved by finding resolutions at the earliest conceivable opportunity, which benefits each person involved. We have a friendly and approachable probate solicitor team who can help you access services linked to personal probate, wills and estate planning. We can work with you to grant power of attorney where necessary. We can also help resolve disputes through civil litigation. You should read on to the next section to see why we think you should use our services.

Why should I use your services?

You should consider the assistance of our solicitors Portsmouth as we can offer you an unrivalled level of service. We take care of all of our clients and genuinely want to see them succeed in whatever endeavour they are currently undertaking linked to their personal situation. We pride ourselves on being a friendly and approachable team. We have the vast knowledge and experience to be able to support a wide range of cases. You should consider reading on to the next section to see what you should do if you decide we could be the firm for you.

What should I do next?

If you think that we here at Andrew & Andrew could be the correct choice for you, then you should consider getting in touch with us at your earliest convenience. We are proud to offer a free telephone consultation service. This way you can get to grips with how we can help you specifically. You could also request a call back or use the enquiry boxes that can be found on our website. We look forward to hearing from you and ensuring you have access to help that you need.