Practical tips to use when choosing family solicitors


In our many years of practice in family law, we at Andrew & Andrew have found that many clients are in haste to speed up the process and so do not take the proper time needed to choose the right legal practitioner to help them through this process. This puts at risk them getting the legal help they need to get the settlement they deserve.

To find good family solicitors Emsworth it is imperative to spend the time needed to look into the credentials and experience of each legal practitioner before making a final choice. With a few practical tips to bear in mind when selecting the right legal help offered by family solicitors Emsworth, one can ease the pressure of a stressful and pressurised situation. Here’s what you can apply to your search.

Use these tips to choose the best family solicitors Emsworth

It is in the nature of resolving family separation matters that it is inevitable that clients will have to share personal and sensitive information with the family solicitor of their choosing. This means that the choice of solicitor is very important.

Find a law firm that is well-respected in the industry

A law firm that enjoys great respect in the industry is a positive indicator that you will find ethical solicitors who operate at a high level of professionalism. At Andrew & Andrew, our legal team work to achieve as amicable a resolution as is possible and where the needs of the most vulnerable party, for instance the children involved, are made a priority.

Know the person who will be responsible for your case

It can be incredibly frustrating working with a faceless legal practitioner who changes every time you make contact with the law firm. You can avoid such frustrations by choosing a law firm that appoints a solicitor to take charge of your case and communicates directly with you.

Are they affiliated to any authority bodies?

Most reputable law firms will be proud to make known their list of accreditations to regulatory organisations. It would be worth your while to look more closely at this list of affiliations as this will determine the type of service you are likely to expect and the manner in which the legal team practises law. Accreditations require a law firm to have the required experience, skill set and legal knowledge in particular legal fields.

As a family law firm, what is their stance on mediation?

In disputes that deal with family matters, mediation plays a hugely important role. Not every legal practitioner practising family law will prioritise mediation, so you will have to look out for it as a must-have quality.

How do they propose to assist you?

A good question to ask is, how does the solicitor propose to resolve your case? Do they foresee the need to go to court or do they plan on first probing all means at settling out of court?

When selecting a law firm to help you resolve your case, it is not always a good idea to go with the cheapest quote. The fee charged must be balanced by the quality of service offered. Andrew & Andrew provide legal representation in a wide variety of family law cases from divorce and separation to relationship planning.