Are our family solicitors in Portsmouth right for you?


At our family solicitors in Portsmouth we boast over sixty years worth of experience within the field of law. Whilst acting as a professional solicitor in every case we approach, we also strive to offer both a sensitive and helpful perspective for both our small scale private clients and our large scale business clients. If our impressive reputation within the local and surrounding areas has attracted you to our family solicitors in Portsmouth then you may wish to take a look at our previous client testimonials.

Investing in a solicitor you can trust

Family law should not only be dealt with a high standard of professionalism, but it should also be approached with sympathy, at every stage of the legal process. Many of our previous clients have found our approach useful for their legal case, but could our services work for you?

Gaining an alternative perspective

Just one example of our positive previous client reviews (many of which are located near the end of our home page) maintains that our services were ‘first class’, stating that we dealt with their matter professionally, and that they would be happy to recommend our services to anyone who requires legal assistance.

Get to know Andrew & Andrew solicitors

Many factors may affect a client’s choice of law firm, which is why we strive to provide our potential clients with as much information as we can, therefore allowing them to make an informed decision that works for their unique legal case. Our solicitors were established in 1954, and since our early establishment we have never ceased to deliver a high standard of legal care to every client we work with. During our long-standing reputation and experience  we have specialised within many fields of law, one example of which is family law.

What is a family solicitor?

A family solicitor is essentially a legal professional who specialises within the field of family disputes, a few examples of matters that may arise within this field consist of divorce and separation, child arrangements, financial arrangements, unmarried partnership rights, and lastly civil partnerships.

What to expect from the legal process

If you are an individual or partnership experiencing any of the issues mentioned above, as well as international and cross-border disputes, family financial settlements, or relationship planning, then you may wish to seek the legal intervention of a family solicitor. At our firm within Portsmouth we strive to ensure the legal process is problem free for our clients, solving disputes as amicably as possible within the given circumstances, whilst placing the best interests of any children involved at the forefront of our minds.

What to expect from Andrew & Andrew Solicitors

At our firm in Portsmouth we have experience working with an extensive range of cases, our highly skilled team will tailor your legal plan to work around your unique legal case, therefore ensuring the best possible legal outcome is achieved. Our team has worked with clients such as young families, high asset partnerships, and even with cases where one member of the partnership resides abroad.