How can a conveyancing solicitor help me buy a house?

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The conveyancing process is essential when purchasing a new home which is why legal advice and guidance from conveyancing solicitors in emsworth could make the process less of a liability. Our conveyancing solicitors in emsworth support clients from the start of the process to well after it is completed, and it is their responsibility to ensure you are being treated fairly. Purchasing a property is a huge commitment and one small mistake could cost you a lot of time, money, and unwanted stress. Seeking help from our conveyancing solicitor in emsworth could ensure that the process runs smoothly, quickly and efficiently.

Drafting a contract

The first thing your chosen solicitor will do is draft a contract or the terms of agreement with you, clearly stating the charges and deposit they require. They will then contact the seller’s appointed solicitor to confirm their position and to request a copy of the draft contract, including the property’s title and standard forms.

It is legally complex

Solicitors are often hired for conveyancing matters because the law surrounding it can be extraordinarily intricate. Your solicitor will start by examining the draft contract and supporting documents and raising enquiries with the other party. Similarly, if you have read through the documents and have any issues, your solicitor would also raise this with the seller’s solicitor.

They will conduct legal searches

It is the responsibility of your conveyancing solicitor to conduct legal searches to ensure there are no other factors that could change your mind about the property you have selected. These searches can be recommended by the mortgage lender or solicitor, but these checks are important in protecting the buyer from any liabilities. These checks can be anything from finding out if a motorway is to be built close to the property, risk of flooding, if the current owner definitely owns the property, if the land surrounding the property is contaminated and many more, varying factors. These checks do sometimes come at an extra cost but in many cases, they are essential and worthwhile.

Mortgage advice

Getting accepted for a mortgage is one of the most important parts about buying a house and a conveyancing solicitor can help with it all. Conducting a mortgage valuation for the property you plan to buy is important from the bank’s perspective because it ensures there is adequate security for the loan.

Signing the contract

Before signing the final contract, your conveyancing solicitor will ensure that all fixtures and fittings included in your purchase are what you expected, all enquiries have been completed and are satisfactory, a completion date has been agreed between both parties and that the deposit has cleared before sending it to the buyer.

Exchanging the contract

You will arrange a time and date for the contracts to be exchanged but it is your conveyancing solicitor who will do it for you. Between this and completion, your solicitor will lodge an application with the Land Registry to have the deeds transferred into your name. Once the seller has moved out, you will then be able to move in on the day of completion and your solicitor will send you a statement showing the final amount that needs to be paid.


After completion, it is your solicitor’s responsibility to pay your stamp duty land tax on your behalf and will send these legal documents to the land registry. Finally, a copy of the title deeds will be sent to the mortgage lender who will hold them until your mortgage is paid off.