How can we help in the event of an accident?

Solicitors in Portsmouth

At Andrew & Andrew, we know that the effects of even a minor accident can be far-reaching. It’s our job to assess the impact that any incident might have on your life and help you claim the right level of compensation and support for the future. When we are acting as your solicitors in Portsmouth, we can guide you through a process that is jargon-free and as straightforward as possible.

Below we discuss just some of the ways that we have supported past clients after accidental injury. Regardless of the circumstances, get in touch with us today to see if you qualify for assistance.

Road traffic accidents

The costs involved in pursuing a road traffic claim can easily spiral. At Andrew & Andrew, your solicitors in Portsmouth, we can help you with claims regarding your vehicle, injury and legal costs on a no-win, no-fee basis. Road traffic accidents are one of the most common injury claims that we deal with and our track record of customer satisfaction is strong.

Injury at work

Work is a huge part of our lives. We develop relationships with colleagues and the people we work for and there is a level of trust involved. That’s why it can be particularly difficult to pursue a claim that is based around a work injury. Rest assured that there are civil and straightforward ways to pursue your claim so that you and your employers get a chance to come out of a negotiation feeling like a fair deal has been made on all sides.

It’s important to realise the impact that loss of current income and future earning potential can have on your life especially if you are temporarily or permanently unfit for the profession that you have built a career in. At Andrew & Andrews, we help you put a figure on your loss, so you can support yourself and any dependents.

Other types of claim

At Andrew & Andrews, we also deal with claims like hairdressing issues, animal claims, cycling incidents and so on. Any situation where your life has been unduly affected by an accident may be something that we can assist with when acting as your solicitors in Portsmouth.