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Dealing with somebody’s legal affairs when they pass away can be lengthy, complex and distressing for those involved. At Andrew & Andrew Solicitors Ltd with 60 years’ of experience, our Probate Solicitors Portsmouth deal regularly with the administration of estates, providing valuable assistance to Personal Representatives and other family members during this difficult emotional time.

As a Personal Representative of an estate, there are certain legal obligations placed on you to obtain a deed known as a grant of representation.   Sometimes an estate can be dealt with simply, without needing to obtain a grant.  However, in most situations, circumstances will require the attention of an experienced  lawyer to ensure all matters are covered and the estate administration process is dealt with efficiently and correctly.

Obtaining a grant and dealing with subsequent matters can often be a stressful, burdensome and drawn-out task for Personal Representatives.  At Andrew & Andrew Solicitors, our Private Client team are here to assist and support you throughout all stages of the process. Our Probate Solicitors in Emsworth pride themselves on progressing the matter seamlessly enabling you to deal with other family affairs.

From the outset, we will establish whether a grant is required, then ascertain the deceased’s assets by collating important information.  We will then draft the relevant legal documents required in order to obtain the grant, settle any debts and liabilities and deal with any tax implications.  Finally, we will distribute the estate in accordance with the deceased’s will, or the intestacy rules, should the deceased have died without a valid will.

We can help relieve you from the stress and burden of carrying out these tasks.  With 60 years’ experience in this area, together with a caring approach, you will find that all members of the Private Client team will deal sensitively and sympathetically with your loved one’s affairs.

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