GP Negligence

GP Negligence Compensation Claims

GPs manage day-to-day patient problems and although they are not usually specialist in their own right, they should know when to refer a patient to a more specialist doctor. Unfortunately, sometimes GPs make mistakes and these mistakes can be quite devastating.

Common types of GP negligence claims range from failing to diagnose meningitis, brain haemorrhage, failing to refer a patient for cancer investigation, prescribing the wrong medication or misprescription resulting in other medical complications and/or conditions, failing to make planned referrals and failing to diagnose unstable angina, leading to cardiac arrest.

NICE (the National Institute for Clinical Excellence) put together guidelines to help GPs provide treatment and make referrals. A failure by the GP to follow those guidelines can result in negligent treatment and a compensation claim.

It is important to use a solicitor with experience who has good investigative skills and collates all the medical evidence and can be sympathetic to your plight. Therefore, call Andrew & Andrew Solicitors for your initial free, no obligation consultation where your claim can be discussed. We are there to answer all of your questions using plain English and will act in your best interest in all circumstances.

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