Many people wrongly believe that as a cohabitant they have rights similar to married couples available to them as a ‘common law spouse’.  Sadly, they very often discover that they do not have those rights when the relationship breaks down.

A cohabitant is very often reliant on Trusts law to resolve disputes over jointly owned property. It is wise to take advice on the legal effect of cohabitation when purchasing a property together.  Ensuring that you record your intentions at the outset can avoid litigation if the relationship should break down later.

Where there is no written agreement in place, there is a presumption that any property is owned in equal shares, no matter what the individual contributions may have been. It is even more difficult to establish a share where a property is owned in only one of the parties names.

These issues can all be avoided with the correct advice at the outset.

We can also advise on issues relating to children.

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