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Compensation for your Cycling Accident

The popularity of road cycling in Great Britain has increased considerably in recent years with the competitive success of the British Cycling Team, Team GB in the Olympics and English cyclists winning the Tour de France on two occasions for Team Sky. There has been a surge in grass roots cycling and active participation in local road cycling clubs. Local authorities are now making greater provision for cyclists whether they are competitive riders, commuters or families pursuing cycling as a leisure activity.

The consequence of greater numbers of cyclist on the road, with sadness, has brought about an increased risk of serious injury and harm from accidents involving vehicles.

Andrew and Andrew Solicitors have over 60 years of experience in handling cycling accident claims. Our personal injury solicitors’ have specialist experience in dealing with such cases and maximising thecompensation that you deserve due to your injury. Our professional team will listen to your evidence as to how the cycling accident occurred, and advise you on your chances of success, as well as pointing out how further evidence can be gathered to support your claim.

We pride ourselves on our sympathetic, diligent approach to our clients. We gleam as much evidence and information in the early stages as possible. More often than not, we liaise with the Police to ensure that the opponents are identified and have insurance – this is of high importance when dealing with cycling accidents.


  • Every year in this country, around 19,000 cyclists are killed or injured in reported pedal cycle accidents, including around 3,000 who are killed or seriously injured.
  • Cyclist casualties in 2013 – 1,958 were children and 17,480 were adults.
  • These figures only include reported accidents and there is bound to be many other accidents that go unreported to the Police.
  • Unfortunately, cyclist casualties have risen in recent years as the amount of cycling has increased.
  • Almost two-thirds of accidents occur at a junction with 4 out of 5 cyclist casualties being male.
  • Limb injuries are common in cyclist casualties with over 40% suffering from arm injuries and around 25 % suffering leg injuries.
  • Chest and stomach injuries account for 5% and around 40-45% relate to head injuries ranging from fractured skulls, brain damage to minor concussion, and cuts to the head and face as a consequence of the cycling accident.

No matter what your injury, providing the cycling accident occurred within the last 3 years, through no fault of your own, then we can advise you as to you claim.  We focus on obtaining the opponents admission to liability, gathering witness evidence where required, promptly discussing the case with the opponents insurance provider and, where there may be financial difficulties, obtaining an interim amount of monies from the opponents to help you financially.

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Cycling Accident Claims – On a no win, no fee basis

Do not be too concerned about the legal costs of obtaining legal advice, from a personal injury solicitor at Andrew & Andrew Solicitors as we progress cases on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis meaning that when we take your claim there will be no financial risk to you. This ensures that you do not need to worry about your legal fees and you can focus on your recovery.

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If you have been injured by way of a cycling accident within the last 3 years, that was not your fault, then speak to Andrew & Andrew Solicitors and we will give you a free, no obligation, initial consultation.

Our professional, friendly manner will put you at ease and during the free consultation we will be able to confirm that you have a valid claim. The information you provide will help us to give you an estimate of the compensation that can be pursued. We will guide and assist you every step of the way.

To find out more about your options, contact us free today for your free, no obligation initial consultation. We are there to answer all of your questions using plain English and will act in your best interest in all circumstances.

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