Misdiagnosis Claims

Misdiagnosis is a very broad term that potentially covers every single medical interaction there can be. It forms the basis of the largest percentage of medical negligence compensation claims. Whilst the health service provides amazing care, the fact of the matter is that every now and then a doctor, dentist, surgeon or any other practitioner will get it wrong. The results can be chronic pain, lasting consequences and a missed opportunity for crucial/important treatments. Misdiagnosis can be separated into two sections:-

Severe misdiagnosis – this is where a doctor or clinician totally gets it wrong, diagnosing an incorrect ailment, disease or condition. The implications on the subsequent medical treatment will be completely affected by this because you may be being treated for something you do not have. The other aspect of severe misdiagnosis is where the doctor fails to even identify what the ailment is in the first place. If it is not diagnosed, the condition could be life threatening such as cancer. A failure to diagnose can have catastrophic consequences.

Partial misdiagnosis – this is where the consultant diagnoses the basic disease correctly, but misdiagnosis the specific sub-type. For example, where there was a condition which i) would be treated by a specific method and ii) could be treated by another method, but due to the partial misdiagnosis, the wrong way of treating the condition has taken place.

Misdiagnosis could bring about serious illness if allowed to progress unchecked or without being correctly treated. You may be prescribed the incorrect medication due to the partial misdiagnosis of the condition. This may bring about a worsening or prolonging of the ailments and have an adverse effect on you. You may be treated for the wrong condition – such events do actually happen. There is a delay because of the misdiagnosis so your condition gets worse.

Misdiagnosis in pregnancy can result in damage to the mother and to the unborn baby. It can be a situation where you are not sent for tests that you need to fully determine or cure your condition. You may not be given the follow-up appointments that would be required if full diagnosis was given. Your test results or x-rays are misread or not properly assessed.

As will be appreciated, misdiagnosis claims cover a very broad area and it is impossible to stipulate every type of partial misdiagnosis that can take place. Patients contacting us feel frustrated and angry that diagnosis has not been properly given and they feel that there has been a lack of care.

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