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Cosmetic Surgery Claims

In recent years, cosmetic surgery has become quite a boom industry. It is an elective choice to make individuals look better and feel more confident. At other times it is a necessity due to accidents or disease. Cosmetic surgery procedures are now widely and readily available, but as with any surgery, it still carries a risk.

There are extensive cosmetic surgery procedures. Detailed below are some of the main ones, but by no means is this list exhaustive:-

  • Botox – Botulinum toxin is the substance used and has become highly popular to iron out wrinkles mainly to the face. Of concern is the fact that you do not have to be a registered health care professional to administer it, and complications can include bleeding, unintended muscle weakness, eye lid droop, speech and breathing difficulties and allergic reaction to the procedure.
  • Breast Operations – whether that is breast reduction, breast lift or breast enlargement. This method of cosmetic surgery tends to be the most popular for women in the UK. These surgical procedures are only to be carried out by fully qualified surgeons. The problems that arise relate to scarring, unevenly shaped breasts or nipples, excess bleeding or infection, sensitivity, breast alignment and general shape.
  • Dental Work – many people undergo cosmetic dental procedures to make their teeth look good and thereby giving the individual confidence. Common practice include teeth bleaching and orthodontic work, bridge work and porcelain veneers. During procedures other teeth can be inadvertently damaged, on-going pain after dental work, nerve damage and/or the treatment was not reasonably carried out.
  • Laser Surgery – laser surgery has become more common as a use of cosmetic surgery work. An ablative laser vaporises the top layers of damaged skin while non-ablative lasers do their work deeper down in the skin without damaging the outer layers. The lasers can be damaging if used improperly or incorrectly. The common areas of usage being removal of warts and skin tags, treatment of fine lines and wrinkles, vascular lesions, treatment of pigment lesions, hair removal, tattoo removal and treatment of acne and acne scars.

If you have experienced laser surgery which was unsuccessful or didn’t match what was promised, then contact Andrew & Andrew Solicitors to discuss your potential claim knowing that such treatments privately can be at considerable expense.

  • Eye Lid Surgery – as the ageing process continues, there is a trend to rejuvenate the eye lids via surgery. The procedure involves removing excess skin or fat around the eye to make it look more youthful. The surgeon will cut along the natural lines and creases of the eyelid so that your scars will seamlessly blend. Laser surgery may also form part of this procedure and work is normally carried out under local anaesthetic. Complications from such a procedure is normally rare, however there can be consistently bleeding under the skin, cysts developing along the scar line and an uneven appearance the later requires corrective surgery.
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