A&E Claims

A&E Compensation Claims

Accident and emergency departments provide a vital service to the public in the most difficult circumstances. Despite A&E departments being high pressure environments, we are still entitled to a high standard of care. When this care falls short and it can be proved to have resulted in the suffering and additional injury or illness, you can claim compensation against the A&E department. So contact Andrew & Andrew Solicitors as we specialise in A&E claims and have a wealth of experience.

Some A&E mistakes occur due to failures, errors or delays in making the diagnosis. We can recover compensation for patients after mistakes in hospitals have caused damaged through failure to diagnose such as fractures, aortic aneurysm or meningitis, just to name a few.

Other mistakes can be Consultants not taking a patient’s history into consideration, not examining a patient properly, or noting their symptoms, but misinterpreting the results. Many A&E errors arise from failure to read x-rays correctly, not carrying our correct investigation, including x-rays, scans and blood tests and the A&E failing to admit patients – sending them home instead. Not a day goes by without a news report outlining an incident.

Some A&E mistakes occur due to not treating a condition correctly; this includes incorrect treatments, failing to note the deterioration of the patient, not operating when required, mistakes during surgery, inadequate care after an operation and general patient neglect.

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