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Financial Mis-selling, put simply, is the selling of a financial product which was not entirely suitable, or one that was sold to you without full and proper advice.

Here at Andrew & Andrew we recognised that Financial Matters are often extremely complex, and bringing claims against financial services companies such as the banks can be a very daunting prospect.  Fortunately, we have the experience and expertise to help.

The banks, building societies and other credit lenders, as well financial advisers and brokers all work under the strict regulations laid down by the Financial Conduct Authority, yet sadly despite regulations many consumers are still victims of mis-selling.

We probably all know someone who was mis-sold an endowment which fell short of its over-generous maturity predictions leaving the customer many thousands of pounds short to repay their mortgage.

More recently of course the most notable scandal has been that of the mis-selling PPI insurance, a scandal which has already cost the banks billions of pounds in refunds, with an estimated half of those who were mis-sold still yet to claim.

Over the years it has become increasingly clear that sadly the client’s best interests are not always the primary concern of some financial services salesman, who are often lead by sales targets, bonus payments and commissions.

So if you feel that you have been wronged then why not get in touch.

We can often investigate your claim on a no win – no fee basis.  This means we will not ask for any money up-front, and we will cover the costs of the lenders fees for copies of their records and complete all of the relevant investigations.  You will only pay us if you are awarded compensation.  So you truly have nothing to lose, and potentially money to gain.

Contact us today – it’s easy!  We have several telephone options for your calling convenience, you can make an enquiry via any of the contact boxes situated throughout our website, or you can contact us by social media networking.

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