Whether it is your first move, or a move to your dream home, the process of buying a house can often be a big moment.

The last thing you and your family need is an unexpected bump in the road. There are plenty of decisions, questions, and legal obstacles that you need to ensure you answer while you focus on planning for the future in your new home.

We believe support from an expert conveyancing solicitor is integral to ensure you can enjoy the move into your new home, knowing all legal matters are taken care of.

Here are the most common pitfalls you may encounter and how we can help.

Not investing in a survey

When you think you have found the perfect new home, it is important to invest in a survey to better understand the property and potential risks or unseen damages.

These problems could be directly within the property or the grounds around it.

It may be tempting to skip this stage, as it can be seen as an extra cost, but you are removing the risk of any bigger problems later down the line with insurance, future sales or, importantly, your safety.

Your solicitor will advise on the essential searches and which additional ones are worth doing for your particular property purchase.

Chain breaks – and what to do

Chain breaks can lead to significant delays and financial loss, particularly if you have already invested time and money in the process.

A chain break occurs when one of the parties involved in the transaction withdraws from the deal. This can happen for various reasons, including a change in circumstances, financial difficulties, or simply making a decision to pull out of the sale/purchase.

Avoiding chain breaks is not always possible, but they are manageable if all parties communicate openly. All changes must be told to the entire chain, and an experienced solicitor can help you manage chain breaks and avoid it scuppering your home move.

Forgetting a solicitor or legal duty

Not everyone wants to use a solicitor when they move home – but it is important that you remember all the legal obligations that you must manage yourself, should you choose to go it alone.

We often talk to clients who have engaged us after missing something off their to-do list, and are now being chased by another solicitor for another party in the chain.

Your legal processes involved in moving home include (but are not always limited to):

  • The contracts
  • Searches
  • Mortgage checks
  • Exchange of funds from buyer to seller
  • Transfer of ownership from seller to buyer

If you miss anything from the above, you may slow down the process and incur extra financial costs.

Not being proactive

Delays are sometimes inevitable in moving home, and even the best planning can not stop unexpected problems occurring.

But, whilst many homeowners will understandably be focused on planning for their new home, they forget about proactively leading the process of selling and buying.

Most commonly, this lack of proactivity involves incomplete paperwork or legal issues that need the guidance of an expert. Delays can cause stress, frustration, and financial costs, particularly if you are reliant on the transaction to start your move into your new home.

If you can ensure you take care of everything that is required of you, you will maximise the chance of progress and reduce the risk of delays in your move.

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