Can our conveyancing solicitors Emsworth help you?


If you’re in need of some assistance regarding becoming a homeowner, or selling a property, our conveyancing solicitors Emsworth can help you, no matter what the circumstances. Here at Andrew & Andrew, we pride ourselves on adopting a proactive approach to communication. Thanks to our strong relationships with local estate agents, we can help guide you through any process in a limited time and with the most favourable outcome. No matter the situation you’ve found yourself in, we understand how stressful and complicated buying or selling a house, or maybe entering into a shared ownership, can become. Having our conveyancing solicitors Emsworth by your side to shed light on the situation will always be beneficial.

In this short article, our experienced conveyancing solicitors Emsworth will talk you through some of the potential circumstances you might come across and if we can help with them.

Selling your property

When preparing to sell your property, we have a checklist to make the process much easier, as well as advising you along the way.

Decluttering your property should always be your first step. In order to allow potential buyers to see themselves living in your property in the future, there needs to be a minimum of personal items that may take away from the vision.

First impressions are a major selling point. If you stand outside your property and look at it, ask yourself, what will provide the best first impression? Be prepared to make changes.

Anyone with a good amount of knowledge when buying a property will be checking for minor repairs and damages, so you should always take it upon yourself to get them fixed and up to standard.

In any property, the kitchen and bathrooms are the most valuable rooms. We would always advise you to update both rooms, as potential buyers will be drawn to new furnishings and a fresh coat of paint.

If you entered a property and were met with a bad smell, harsh lighting or background noise, would you be inclined to buy? Of course not. So you want to make sure that the ambiance is just right for your property. Baking bread, making coffee or lighting some candles will make your home much more alluring.

Shared ownership

If you cannot afford 100% of the mortgage on a property, another great option is shared ownership. With this option, you’re essentially owning part of a property while a local authority, for example, pays the rest. Shared ownership offers first time buyers more stability and confidence when entering the property market, and we are more than happy to help by offering advice and using our years of knowledge and experience to get you into a favourable position. If this is something you don’t have a lot of information about, we’re here to give you a helping hand and answer all of your questions. With a shared ownership, you are usually able to buy further percentages in the property if you wish, meaning that the rent you’re paying on the remainder will start to go lower.