Probate solicitors Portsmouth at Andrew & Andrew


If you have lost a loved one, it can be a highly emotional and stressful time for you. Grief can take hold in different ways for different people, but it is probably fair to assume that most people would prefer not to deal with a legal process when they have lost someone they love. For many, the thought of having to navigate their way through complex legal documents is a nightmare, but thankfully, we at Andrew & Andrew have over 60 years of experience to help you through. Simply call us to discuss your requirements, and we can advise you on what needs to be done.

What we can do for you

If you have been made a personal representative of a deceased’s estate, there is usually a need to apply for a grant of representation, which allows you to deal with the estate. It is a complicated application for this deed, and having legal aid is arguably a necessity to ensure that everything is completed accurately.

Whilst we draft the application for this deed to be granted, we also pay any debts or other liabilities or taxes, so that the estate is then in order before what remains is distributed to the deceased’s beneficiaries in the will – if one has been made. If a will has not been made, we will ensure that all assets are distributed in accordance with the intestacy rules.

There can be no denying that this process can be a lengthy one, but our aim is to ensure that everything is dealt with efficiently and in the most timely way possible to reduce the burden on you. We will keep the channels of communication flowing, so you don’t feel you have to chase us up. Of course, if you do wish to contact us for anything, you are always welcome to do so, and our friendly team will always be there to support you. Our probate solicitors Portsmouth are always happy to help and take the pressure off of you.

What next?

If you would like to find out more about how we can help, simply contact one of our probate solicitors Portsmouth here at Andrew & Andrew, and we will discuss the details of your circumstances with you.

Furthermore, we always make it a point to take a sensitive and sympathetic approach in everything that we do since we understand that this will be a very trying time for you and your family. When you contact us, we will get you on the road to fulfilling the responsibility placed on you, and we will do this effectively and as quickly as possible. If you are concerned about anything at all, then our probate solicitors Portsmouth would want to discuss these concerns with you and put your mind at ease from the outset. We have got this in hand and can make the legal part a whole lot better for you. To let us help you, just ask and we will do the rest.