Questions to ask potential family solicitors


Are you looking for a solicitor to help with a family issue, but aren’t sure what to ask them to find the best representative?

At Andrew and Andrew, we pride ourselves on being flexible in order to answer all of our clients’ needs and our family solicitors Emsworth will always endeavour to be a good match for you and your family.

In this short guide, we introduce 5 questions to ask when looking for suitable family solicitors Emsworth.

When did you qualify?

Experience is always key to finding good family solicitors Emsworth, but what you need to know is, are they qualified to handle your case? And when did they qualify? This is a key question to ask any legal team.

Who will be doing the work?

So, you have chosen your ideal legal team, but they seem to be delegating tasks to other members whom you have never met. This is rarely a good sign!

That is not to say that work cannot be delegated, especially if yours is a case with many overlaps to different areas, but if you are finding it hard to contact the main representative on your case, then it may be time to look elsewhere.

At Andrew and Andrew, our team will always be direct with you and the head representative on your case will always aim to keep the team working on your situation made up of the same members you have already met,

Do you specialise in family law?

It may sound obvious, but in the UK, family law is a huge area and when you are dipping your toe into it, you will want to be certain that you have a trained expert to oversee your particular situation.

You may find that the legal representative you choose does not specialise in family law per se, but oversees an area where there is a large overlap, such as probate. In these instances, our team would recommend interviewing with your shortlist of professionals, to ensure that you are happy with their level of expertise.

Are you a member of Resolution?

When you are searching for a legal representative in the UK to undertake a family-based case, you should check that they are a member of Resolution.

Resolution is made up of a community of legal experts, trained in family law, who base their practice around amicably resolving issues. In short, they agree that compromise is key and that all family members’ feelings and needs (including children) are brought to the table when negotiating with partners.

They also aim to keep such cases out of court, which will not only save you time with results, but will also keep your legal costs down.

Are they a mediator?

When it comes to legal representation, you may be confused as to where mediation fits in.

Well, when it comes to family law, it fits into more than a couple of places!

For instance, if you are divorcing, in the UK it is standard practice to try and mediate so that all of the parties involved can agree on a course of action relating to finances, property and children. If you aren’t sure if your case could go badly (especially if there are children involved), it is worth asking if your prospective solicitor is also trained in these areas to save on stress. As a heads up, all of our family-based legal representatives are both solicitors and mediators!