A timeline for first-time buyers by our conveyancing solicitors Emsworth


As a first-time buyer, the purchase of a house can be complicated, especially when it comes to planning out each stage and knowing what is expected from you.

When you choose to buy a home with the help of our conveyancing solicitors Emsworth, at Andrew & Andrew, we will oversee the entire process for you, eliminating a great deal of stress while also saving you time and money with negotiations and contract exchanges. Great stuff!

Here, our conveyancing solicitors Emsworth break down the timeline for first-time buyers into 6 easy-to-follow steps.

Step 1- offer is accepted

This is the stage where everyone gets excited; you have found a property and are looking to make an offer.

Whether you are buying privately or through an estate agent, this is where you need the help of our conveyancing solicitors Emsworth.

We will help to make the mortgage application (if needed), assist with the paying of the mortgage fees and survey fees and begin to conduct searches on the property you want to buy. Depending on the age of the property and how organised the seller’s solicitor is, this process can take between 48 hours to 3 months.

Step 2- we start talking

Next, we will contact the solicitor who acts for the seller.

This usually happens a week after your offer has been accepted and will allow us to check everything that is put in front of us by the seller’s solicitor, such as proof of ownership, building regulations and any contracts that are required at this stage. We will always keep you in the loop about the process so you do not need to worry!

Step 3- paperwork!

Here is where we begin working to make the transaction from the seller’s property to your property as smooth as possible.

We will also make any required changes to the contracts and examine the survey results, sending them to you for you to note any concerns that you may have.

Step 4- exchange preparation

At this stage, we will need you to come over to our office and we will run the contracts past you to ensure you understand everything. This is also when you will need to sign the contracts.

Step 5- exchange of contracts

More chatting with the seller’s solicitor!

Here, we will inform them that the exchange is due to occur and usually agree on a completion date. We will send each other the signed copies of the contracts and also send them the deposit.

Furthermore, we will let your mortgage company know the completion date, along with informing you, so that you can start planning when to move in, the switching of utilities, etc.

Step 6- completion day

Usually occurring on a Friday to bypass issues with bank transfers, this is the day when the property is officially yours!

Our team or you will get a call from the estate agents or the seller’s solicitor to collect the keys to your new home so that you can move in immediately. Great!