How to find top-notch solicitors


In the modern-day, it is becoming harder and harder to get through life without needing legal representation at some point. Whether it be selling a home or engaging in a divorce, most people will state that, at one time or another, they have needed legal advice to cope with a situation and help it go smoothly.

But, when you look for someone to represent you, it can be tough to know what to look for and how to choose your winning legal representative. Here, we help break down some of those barriers and help you find the right legal team to represent your best interests.

At Andrew & Andrew, we are proud to be a leading firm in areas surrounding family law, probate and conveyancing. Our solicitors Portsmouth will always work tirelessly to help you get the outcome you deserve without causing additional stress and breaking the bank. Great!

So, back to the key point, how do you go about finding the best solicitors Portsmouth to represent you? Here, we provide some helpful tips, so enjoy!


As we stated earlier, it is harder than ever before to get through a house sale or a divorce without seeking legal help due to the complex nature of the law. And so, when it comes to choosing solicitors Portsmouth, you may want to look around for recommendations. This can be from family, friends or even from an online forum, and, remember, you can now choose a suitable legal team that is miles away from your home, thanks to video calls and other technologies. Great!

Bigger doesn’t equate to better

At some point you may have seen a legal firm advertising their services for a set price; what’s not to like about that?

But, as is the way with lots of things, bigger isn’t better. A larger firm may delegate smaller (but still important) tasks to trainees in their team, which can sometimes lead to errors occurring. If that were to happen in your case, it can lead to costly and detrimental outcomes. Also, offering set prices for services often means that corners have been cut in other areas which can once again cause damage to your case.

Meet with legal teams before hiring and be sure to enquire about fees and which members of the team will be working on your case.


In the same way that you would contact a midwife to help with neurological issues (unless they were very specialised), when you choose a legal team, you should always ensure that they have the qualifications and expertise in the area that you need.

For instance, if you are selling or buying a home, opt for a conveyancing professional. If you are drawing up a prenuptial agreement, meet with a family-based legal team and so on.


Much like the recommendations, be sure to research any team that you may be considering online by looking at their reviews.

Be sure to use independent searches, as reviews on their site may be doctored.