Andrew & Andrew have the family solicitors you need


Having family disputes can be the stuff of TV dramas, social media gossip and your worst nightmares. Sadly, there are times when life takes turns we don’t expect; whether it’s a breakdown in a relationship, financial arrangements that need planning before a marriage or being left in the unthinkable position of needing to agree finances following a separation. Whatever the area of family law that you need support with, at Andrew & Andrew we have family solicitors Portsmouth who can help. We understand that you need these matters handled in a sensitive and professional manner and we have a highly experienced and dedicated team who can help you get resolutions in the least stressful way possible.

How we can help

The areas of family law that we can assist with are numerous and we have over 60 years of experience as a firm. We can help with divorce and separation. The sooner you seek support and legal advice from family solicitors Portsmouth, the easier it will be to come to an agreement that suits both you and the whole family. If there are children concerned, we will always seek to meet the needs of your children as the utmost priority. We will not create a stressful environment through our conduct, which will always be professional and courteous, minimising any impact on minors. Furthermore, we can also assist with any international or cross-border disputes that may arise where parties are living in different locations. We can also advise on matters concerning civil partnerships and unmarried partners, cohabitation and relationship planning.

Should I be proactive?

Many people may believe that it is unnecessary to make provisions prior to getting married about what would happen if they broke up. However, entering into marriage is a legal contract. We know it sounds unromantic and Cupid may want to target us with a few more arrows, but the fact remains that the law is unequivocal about how binding the marriage contract is, as well as what parties are technically entitled to if the relationship breaks down. As such, having a legal agreement before entering marriage about who would get what can reduce a lot of heartache if you end up in the unfortunate position of terminating the union. Furthermore, it will also make things easier for any children you may have if you own an agreement about what will happen, as you should not need to discuss this in any more depth when you are both feeling emotional, having made the right decisions in happier times. We can advise on how to come to an appropriate agreement prior to marriage if this is something you both would like to do.

What you need to do next

If you need support from family solicitors Portsmouth, Andrew & Andrew are here to help. Simply call us for a chat about your circumstances and we will be glad to give you the initial advice you need and outline what we can do to help. During this conversation, you can ask the questions you no doubt have and we will be glad to explain the processes and ways we can assist you.

So, don’t let your life become a drama; let us edit that bit out and get you the results and representation you deserve.