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People get married or commit to living together and share everything when things are harmonious, but life can take an unexpected turn for the worse and suddenly you may find yourself in a legal battle over who owns the coffee table and who gets the toaster. At Andrew & Andrew, we have over 60 years of experience in supporting clients in all areas of family law. Whether you need a divorce, support with financial arrangements or need to come to a resolution about access arrangements for the children, we can help. We can also assist with civil partnerships and those who are unmarried. If you are trying to avoid unnecessary conflict should your relationship break down, you may be looking to put an agreement in place before you get married with a prenuptial agreement, or you may just have been cohabitants who now need to sort things out. Whatever your circumstances, this is not our first experience in this type of situation and we are here to ensure that you get a resolution as quickly, smoothly and efficiently as possible. We will always handle your affairs with tact and diplomacy, ensuring that things are kept as amicable and professional as possible with the other party.


If you are looking to get divorced, there are certain legal processes that must be fulfilled in order for this to happen. While you can fill out the paperwork yourself if you wish, this is the more straightforward part of getting divorced. The difficulties arise when you then need to make an agreement about finances and what will happen with the children. There is no denying that things can get unpleasant if parties do not wish to cooperate and it is our job to ensure that we do the straight-talking and thinking in a calm and professional way on your behalf. By doing this we, as family solicitors Emsworth, can protect your interests and those of any children you may have, ensuring that a fair result is agreed upon by everyone. We understand that this is not always easy if the other party is not cooperating fully, but with our support, we will help you through this difficult process and not leave you floundering on your own.

Arrangements before marriage

Getting a prenuptial agreement drawn up before entering into marriage is not perhaps the best way to say ‘I love you’, but it is a level-headed way of saying that you love that person enough so that you don’t want to fight and fall out if you decide to separate in the future and end the legally binding contract that is marriage. Ultimately, life isn’t a Disney movie, and marriage is a contract that, if you’re not careful, can have financial implications if you want to come out of it. By coming to an agreement about what is fair when you are both feeling harmonious it is a much more sensible approach than trying to do it when you are both upset and hurting. Equally, you may hopefully never need to refer to the agreement, but you can feel reassured that both of you want each other to be fine if anything should go wrong in the future. At Andrew & Andrew, our family solicitors Emsworth will ensure that you get the right agreement drawn up that is fair for all.

Next steps

If you need family solicitors Emsworth, why not contact us to discuss your situation and what you need help with. We can explain what we can do to assist and answer any questions you may have in the first instance about your case. When you’re feeling sad and stressed, let us help make breaking up that little less hard to do.