Is it time that you asked our family solicitors for advice?


At Andrew and Andrew we understand that every separation is distinctive, and usually somewhat complicated. That is why we pride ourselves on providing our clients with a high standard of legal advice covering a wide range of issues when it comes to divorce and separation. Whilst every client we have is unique, we are always consistent when it comes to striving to get the results that you desire. Our family solicitors Portsmouth know how difficult separations can be and want to reduce your stress wherever possible, helping to organise your finances as well as finalising details when it comes to your children and family home. Sometimes our legal advisors will be required to represent you in court, whilst other situations will be able to be resolved outside of the courtroom. If you believe that you could benefit from legal advice from one of our professionals then we recommend that you arrange to have an appointment at a time that is convenient to you, so you are able to discuss your issues and discover what we can do to help you.

Assisting you with a multitude of issues surrounding separation

Separating from a partner can be extremely stressful, which is why our family solicitors Portsmouth endeavour to do everything they can to assist you. We can help with financial arrangements, general divorce and separation, civil partnerships, unmarried partners and even international and cross-border disputes amidst other issues. Our professionals have experience with providing advice for a wide range of clients and have over sixty years of experience. We know how sensitive these matters can be, so will be empathetic and friendly as well as professional when dealing with your matters. We want to help you achieve the results that you desire as well as helping you look to the future and move forward after your separation. No matter your situation, you can rely on your legal professional to keep you up to date at every turn. If there are ever any delays with your process we will inform you as to why this is and try and give you an estimate of how long your process will be delayed for.

Your children will always be our priority

Our family solicitors Portsmouth will always prioritise your children. It is important that your children experience as little disruption as possible to their everyday lives to ensure that they remain as settled and as content as possible, as having their parents separate can be an extremely stressful time for them too. Wherever possible it is suggested that children remain in their family home, whether it be with their mother or father, so that they do not need to change schools and be put under extra pressure. It is important that children maintain regular contact with both of their parents and sets of grandparents, as they all have a right to see them and have a relationship with them, except in occasional circumstances where it is not deemed appropriate. Sometimes arrangements regarding children can be made amicably and will not require mediation or a court appearance, but your legal professional can provide you with representation for both of these if you require it.