Why is it important to find a quick solution to a family law dispute?


When processing an issue regarding family law it is highly significant to find a suitable legal representative. This is advised to be accomplished at the earliest possible stage, simply because it will normally help diffuse the situation for those who are involved in any dispute by having an objective participant. By finding a resolution early on, this benefits all those involved as it will normally resolve the situation on reasonable terms. It is important to take into consideration any children who are involved and create a plan to ensure the children are provided with their rights. If you are currently enduring a family dispute that requires a legal representative and expert on your side, do not hesitate to contact Andrew & Andrew family solicitors Emsworth.

In what circumstances should an individual hire legal representation?

Situations in which an individual would be advised to get legal representation can range from a number of different scenarios. Family solicitors Emsworth deal with circumstances involving divorce, relationship planning, children, civil partnerships, cohabitation, international disputes and many more.

What will Andrew & Andrew solicitors do?

At Andrew & Andrew Ltd we have over 60 years’ worth of experience within family law. Therefore, we are highly knowledgeable in this legal area and we are also aware many clients regard such issues as sensitive and highly emotive. Our family solicitors Emsworth sort out numerous complicated cases of family law and we are known to have a good  reputation in this area. We ensure our solicitors deal with cases in a professional yet empathetic manner. Therefore, our solicitors not only consider a client’s sensitivity, but they provide the best solutions in a constructive and cost efficient way.  At Andrew & Andrew Ltd we ensure that we resolve people’s personal conflicts in a way that will have the best  interests of the whole family wherever possible. We have expertise in ensuring that we provide the best advice and alternative solutions for a wide spectrum of clients. Our clients range widely from all walks of life asking for legal advice for many different reasons, as personal situations differ and all are unique.

At Andrew & Andrew Ltd each and every client is always treated with respect. We ensure to provide our clients with a friendly and personal service. We do this with a professional approach whilst considering the individual’s needs and final goals. Our solicitors work closely with their clients to be able to achieve these goals. This hugely impacts and helps any family law case, as well as aids in gaining access to the best solutions. Throughout this process, we at Andrew & Andrew aim to guide our clients to make the best decisions that will achieve the optimal outcome for all involved. We also make it important and crucial that our clients are free to contact us when required. This helps our clients have an awareness that they have our help throughout each stage of the legal process.

At Andrew & Andrew our solicitors acknowledge our clients’ needs and emotions. We are fully aware that our clients may be going through tremendous stress at the time of asking for help, because of this we offer an initial free, no obligation telephone interview. This gives our clients the ability to describe their current situation which allows our lawyers to get a good understanding of how to provide the best advice.