Get help with a range of legal issues with our solicitors in Portsmouth


At Andrew and Andrew Solicitors our legal advisors have over sixty years of experience in representing people throughout a spectrum of legal matters. Ranging from divorce and separation to remortgaging your home or buying and selling it, we will always strive to get you the results that you desire. With our many years of experience, our solicitors Portsmouth are both reliable and skilled when it comes to what they do. We understand that these legal matters can be quite sensitive and stressful and need to be approached with patience and a good listening ear. No matter what we are helping you with, we will always keep you updated from the very start of the process to the end, and in circumstances where there are delays we will always inform you as to why this is. If you believe that you could benefit from legal advice then getting in touch with us is simple. We offer a free consultation appointment where you can speak to one of our professional team about your concerns and they will be able to explain how we can help you. You can make an appointment online through our website or by giving us a call.

Are you recently separated and looking to divorce?

Going through a separation or divorce can be extremely stressful and upsetting, which is why our solicitors Portsmouth endeavour to make you feel at ease and comfortable from the moment you contact them. People can separate for all sorts of reasons, but if children are involved they will instantly become our priority. We want to ensure that children remain in the family home wherever possible, but maintain regular contact with both parents. We strive to cause as little disruption to their lives as possible, and will try to resolve any issues outside of a courtroom wherever possible. Our divorce lawyers can assist with international and cross-border disputes, as well as civil partnerships and unmarried partners. We also offer professional advice about financial arrangements and relationship planning. Getting in touch with a legal advisor sooner rather than later can help to prevent your situation from becoming more complicated.

Do you need legal advice about your home?

When it comes to your home, our solicitors Portsmouth can help. Whether you are buying and selling a home or you wish to remortgage your home to raise capital or lower your monthly mortgage payments, we will always strive to get you the results that you desire. You will have an assigned legal professional to advise you throughout the entire process. In some cases people may need to discuss a transfer of equity with our legal professionals. A transfer of equity can be required if someone has recently been divorced from you and they no longer reside in your home, or if someone has recently married you and is moving into your home and you wish to have joint ownership. Sometimes people will transfer ownership to their children or other relatives as it can be a more tax efficient option. Regardless of what you wish to do with your home, our legal advisor will strive to get you the best results.