Handling divorce when kids are involved


Divorce is complicated in its own right. If you and your estranged spouse have kids together, there may be extra steps and complications, especially custody.

At the same time, divorce is stressful on offspring and may leave emotional scars even if the split was amicable.

Our family Solicitors Emsworth at Andrew & Andrews have experience handling cases where children are involved. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can put your children’s interests ahead of yours in a divorce and when is the best time to consult with a family attorney.

How to broach the topic of divorce with your children

Ending your marriage with your spouse is an emotional time for everyone, but most of all, your children. The stability, structure, and security of having both parents together are gone, which can be devastating for dependants.

Going through a divorce that isn’t characterised by fighting, anger, and an inability to agree on major decisions will help your children adjust to their new lives where their parents don’t live together. Remember not to criticise your soon-to-be-ex in front of your children. This person is your child’s parent with whom they will continue to have a relationship, despite the breakdown of yours.

Ease your childrens’ minds by assuring them that they’re not responsible for their parent’s split, and don’t turn your children against your spouse because you’re vengeful.

Deciding on custody

Child custody cases look at how much time offspring should spend with their respective parents. Sometimes, estranged partners can arrive at resolutions independently, while others may need to consult with family solicitors Emsworth if they can’t agree to custody terms.

Court battles are really the worst-case scenario where the smallest details of your life are often examined in attempts to portray you as an unfit parent. Furthermore, what a judge sees is only a fraction of what you and your spouse are about, and you may not be in the position to decide on what’s best for your child and unique situation.

Before a bitter custody dispute ensues, our family solicitors Emsworth will recommend mediation. With an impartial facilitator navigating these discussions, you and your spouse might find it easier to come to decisions you’re both happy with.

Do I need legal representation in court disputes?

If the outcome of mediation is unsuccessful, you’ll have to attend a court hearing.

You don’t need family solicitors Emsworth representing you in court. It is your right to represent yourself. However, there are more cons than pros to doing this. For example, you aren’t familiar with the court’s nuances, and documents require extensive research to understand properly and fill in if you don’t have a legal background.

Additionally, having a lawyer painting you in the best possible light can make or break your case if you’re fighting for full physical custody because courts prefer to split custody equitably.

Final decisions regarding custody, child support and visitation are called orders. If you disagree with these orders, having an attorney to appeal to them makes the process easier to comprehend.