Modern solicitors: 21st-century legal advice


There is something about the title Solicitors Portsmouth that make you think of leather-bound books in a walnut panelled office’s but we are all subject to change and the legal profession is no different. While the digital revolution has sped up the world of work and made us all more productive, it has brought about new challenges. So, let’s talk more about how we work in the 21st-century.

Legal complexity seems to have not only followed us online but also become ever more nuanced and no less serious. Yet many laws have yet to be updated, much of the legal weight of a solicitors letter has yet to be translated to solicitors emails or text messages which are becoming ever more predominant.

Internet resources are used when performing conveyancing, confirming lineage when looking into an inheritance case and interactions with government agencies using web portals like child services. All of this and more have allowed our humble local Solicitors Portsmouth to provide rapid and professional services to all of our clients online.

The role we find ourselves in in the modern world is one of advocate and guardian; the hectic lifestyles of our clients expose them to risk, whether this is the taxation of the small business and the legal ramifications of their working lives or the consequences of marriages and divorces in their personal one’s. Not to mention the extreme stress that comes along with civil proceedings.

Issues of modern law

One of the hardest issues with the law is communication.

Law has to be very precise to be effective to achieve this preciseness, there tends to be a lot of specialised legal terms the meaning of which is at best unclear to most people outside of the profession. A trusted Solicitors Portsmouth in your corner and can make all the difference in seeing your way through the situation and understanding how things are unfolding. Thus allowing you to make any necessary adjustments to mitigate the situation and get the best outcome.

Much like in medicine, if you are in a crisis the first few days of the case can be the most important setting up the tone and closing off options once they have been explored. You would not hesitate to call an ambulance, so do not hesitate to get legal guidance before behaving rashly. Or allowing the situation to get worse before taking preventative measures.

Even in non-criminal law, statements made in the heat of the moment can have consequences, especially if they have been recorded in the form of text messages, emails or posts on social media. Managing these kinds of risks has become part of the skill set that is required in the modern online ecosystem, and where ever it takes us, there will be solicitors advising, advocating for and representing the interest and integrity of there clients.

If you would like to talk more about the kind of assistance we provide, there is an instant chat feature on our website and we would be happy to answer any of your queries.