Conveyancing; when communication is all-important


Conveyancing is a very important aspect of any property transition and the work of conveyancing solicitors in Portsmouth can seem like the background boilerplate part of buying a home. But it is the only legally enforceable part, making many of the verbal agreements and understandings you come to when negotiating a property sale redundant.

Types of domestic conveyancing solicitors

There are several broad categories of domestic conveyancing which are divided by their level of legal protection. The lowest and therefore the cheapest is self-convalescing; it is legal to self conveyance but not recommended and unless you have some legal experience yourself, it will raise a few eyebrows among the other parties involved in the sale.

Next is a licensed conveyancer. They are a specialised service provider with a very defined legal speciality and are licenced to carry out conveyance based transactions but may not practice general law. They do not have to be registered with the Law Society but have their own professional standards body. For relatively simple transactions (where nothing unexpected is likely to happen), they are a good option.

A Conveyancing Solicitors in Portsmouth will have a much wider capacity to interpret the law and practice general law across many sub-specialities and appreciate how a will may be complicated with conditions attached to the property. Another example would be where the assets being used to make a house transition could be distributed across multiple accounts held by multiple institutions, both in the UK and overseas.

Therefore, it is worth your time to consider a fully accredited Conveyancing Solicitors in Portsmouth with their cost being seen as a time and peace of mind saving investment, in handling what is probably the biggest financial transition of your life. There is also an obvious need to minimise the ramifications of a transition error with such large sums of money.

Other services on offer

As part of the services that come along with conveyancing, we are happy to help with will writing and prenuptial agreements concerning the property or assets released from selling a property.

Some providers will offer ‘No Completion No Fee’ conveyancing, usually higher than the average rate to cover their failed sales. ‘Fixed fee’ quotes suggest an oversimplification of your case, so you should always check the small print, but they can give you some protection against unhelpful 3rd-party delays or poor conversing by the other party in the transaction. If you are involved in a property chain

‘No Completion No Fee’ conveyancing can save you money in the long term due to the high rates of collapse in such sales.

Costs are displayed on our website; in a typical local conveyancing case where some nuances will vary, we are always happy to quote on any tasks before acting on them, so feel free to get in contact to discuss your situation.

If you wish to get in contact or have any questions specific to your conveyancing, feel free to get in contact. Alternatively, we have an instant chat box on our website and would be happy to hear from you.