Andrew & Andrew here for you


Despite turbulent times, we at Andrew & Andrew Solicitors in Portsmouth understand the needs of our clients never stop and that there are always unjust cases to pursue and representation that needs to be provided.

Our team provides a wide range of expertise, allowing us to help in many everyday areas of law. If you are unsure about the nature of your case, feel free to get in contact with us and we can direct you to the appropriate department.

Personal injury

Did your accident have ramifications on your job and your family? Perhaps a vacation had to be cancelled or mortgage payments were missed? If you have had an accident in the last three years, you may be entitled to compensation. Whether the accident happened on the road or just in a public place, we would be happy to assess your case.

We operate on a no win no fee basis for personal injury clients, this removes any financial barriers from you getting justice and stops frivolous cases getting to court; we would not pursue a case which is unlikely to succeed.


Buying a new home or selling your current one is one of the biggest transactions you’re going to make. Moving can be very stressful without complications, so being legally secure and having the backing of an experienced and efficient conveyancing team can make the whole endeavour much smoother.

Family law

Family situations can be complicated; beyond the law, there can be a lot of bad blood between the parties and an early resolution is in everyone’s best interests. Our family solicitors Portsmouth understand this and will aim for arbitration outside of court, while making the preparations for a court case if required.

Wills and probate

Wills and probate were some of the first services carried out here by Andrew & Andrew and we now have more than 60 years experience with them. Many future issues can be overcome with a well-written will and we are happy to translate your wishes from a casual conversation in our office to an unambiguous legally binding last will.

If you are disputing an inheritance or a will, we can provide guidance and legal representation.

Power of attorney

Power of attorney can become problematic, depending on the health of the client in question, they may or may not be willing to sign over their power of attorney. With our expertise, we can guide you through the process and help you safeguard your loved one. Even providing a halfway option to ensure the client’s wishes are still fulfilled, we will work hard to provide these to secure your and your family’s best interests.

Civil litigation

Whether it is a broken contract with a service provider or a goods supplier who is not honouring your consumer rights, there is a compensation claim to be made. Alternatively, you may have to defend yourself from the accusation of poor business practices and need to defend your business image.

Our solicitors Portsmouth have been a pillar of the community for over 60 years and we would be happy to hear out your case. So even in these difficult times, feel free to contact us at the office.