What is the importance of family law?


When families break down it can sometimes cause copious amounts of stress and anguish for all the parties involved. Family law is in place to protect and assist people with their personal affairs whether it is buying a house, writing a will or making child arrangement orders. With over 60 years of experience, Andrew & Andrew family solicitors have an excellent reputation in supporting families and individuals both young and old with all aspects of their life.

What services do family solicitors Emsworth offer?

Whether you are in need of assistance with the writing of a will and discussing your options, or maybe you have financial agreements that need to be looked into and decisions to be recorded, or a personal crisis has occurred and you are in need of legal advice, Andrew & Andrew are here to assist you. Our family solicitors Andrew & Andrew offer a variety of services to cover your personal needs and are here to advise you for every step of your journey, no matter what stage of life you are in.

Dealing with personal issues such as family arrangements, personal finances or other issues that are close to home require a delicate touch and we understand that you, our client, need to feel entirely comfortable when dealing with us. We offer a free initial telephone consultation and during this we can discuss, should you wish to continue with us, the options open to you on continuing to work with us. At our office we have private interview rooms so that you can rest assured that everything said to us in confidence is completely confidential. If this is still not suitable for you then we can arrange a meeting at a location of your choice whether at your home or in an alternative location. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible from start to finish when working with us.

How can family solicitors Emsworth assist with cohabitation plans?

A common misconception is that property is split according to how much money has been invested in it per person. Unfortunately, unless a written agreement has been put in place this is often not the case and due to lack of knowledge on the matter people are often left feeling cheated and angry on the outcome of the entire situation. Our family solicitors Emsworth are here to ensure that you are fully informed of the possible options from the outset, so that means when you are purchasing a property with another person we can help to make the situation clear to all parties involved. Whether it is to have a general discussion about the process or have us write an agreement up, we are here to work with you. Your aims are our aims. Naturally we understand that no one wishes or plans to be in the situation where a dispute over property occurs, but it is better to have documents prepared and in place, so as to avoid issues further down the line should a breakdown in the relationship occur.