What can a probate solicitor Emsworth do for me?


The death of a relative, friend or acquaintance is always an emotional rollercoaster, thinking about any legal affairs during this time is most likely far from your mind. If you have been left with the responsibility of taking care of the legal aspects after the death of someone, having support and experienced people by your side is vital, so as to relieve the pressure and ensure everything is dealt with as efficiently as possible. We would always recommend employing a solicitor for probate to help. Andrew & Andrew as solicitors have been assisting people in this area for 60 years and we are extremely supportive and sensitive to our clients’ needs. We understand it is a sensitive, emotional time and work to ease as much pressure as possible from you whilst working with you.

What is the probate process?

The first step is to find out whether a grant is required, followed by understanding and accumulating any assets the deceased has obtained. Once all the information is together our probate solicitor Emsworth will draft the necessary legal documents to obtain the grant (if required), settle any debts and liabilities that may have occurred and will take care of any tax implications. In accordance with the deceased’s will, we will ensure that the estate is distributed as per the will’s instructions, or as per the intestacy rules if no will was created by the deceased.

It all may sound a little daunting at first and the legal jargon may cause confusion, but with our probate solicitor Emsworth working hand in hand with you, we will ensure you are fully informed of all the processes, fully understand what each part of the process means and are provided with all the necessary information. By doing this we hope we will relieve as much pressure as possible from you during this difficult time. Andrew & Andrew are here to help!

Do I really need a solicitor to assist with the legal affairs after the death of my relative?

We understand that when a family member or close friend passes away it is often preferred to keep all the affairs with people who knew them. On first thought, perhaps it seems easy to deal with the legal affairs, particularly if there is a clear will written by the deceased. On occasions, an estate can be dealt with without needing to obtain a grant. However, in most situations when acting as a personal representative of an estate there are legal obligations which require attention, and a certain amount of experience and knowledge is required. In order to ensure all the particular aspects of the process, down to the finest details, are covered, it is essential to have an experienced lawyer working alongside you. This way all the administration can be handled professionally, efficiently and with care. Our probate solicitor Emsworth is caring, sensitive, supportive and professional. By allowing us to help handle your loved one’s affairs we can help relieve some of the pressure from you by doing what we do best.