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Probate law at Andrew & Andrew Solicitors is not only approached with the highest level of professionalism, but we also treat every matter of our clients with the utmost degree of sympathy. Our law firm was established in 1954, since then our specialist team of legal professionals have been providing a high standard of legal care for over sixty years, which we believe is a credit to our fantastic legal team.

Meet the team of probate solicitors in Portsmouth who will be handling your case

When deciding on the right firm for your unique legal case your decision may rely heavily on a multitude of factors, such as convenience regarding location, or possibly recommendations from family and friends, however many of our clients may wish to know who will be handling their legal case. We have extensive information on our website regarding our team and are always happy to speak personally with prospective clients, so they know who they will be dealing with.

A team of probate solicitors in Portsmouth to take care of your legal case

The field of probate law is taken extremely seriously at our firm, and is therefore not a responsibility we choose to take lightly. At our solicitors practice we understand that after the unfortunate loss of a loved one (whether this be a family member, or a close friend) legal matters are likely to be the last thing you wish to think about. With this in mind therefore we strive to lift the legal burden from our clients’ shoulders, ensuring they can take care of what matters most during this difficult and stressful time.

What to expect during the legal process

The field of law can seem confusing for our clients, which is why our specialist team of legal professionals are here to assist them at every stage of the process. If you are considering receiving services from our firm then you may wish to know what to expect from the legal procedure. Initially our legal assistants will help you legitimately and legally obtain a ‘grant of representation’ this ensures that you, as our client, can obtain the estate at hand smoothly, and therefore problem free.

Is a probate solicitor always required?

In the majority of cases, yes. After being deemed as a personal representative of an estate there are several legal obligations placed upon you in order to obtain the deed commonly referred to as the grant of representation.

What is the role of a probate solicitor?

A probate solicitor’s role is to take care of all of the legal matters at hand, therefore ensuring our clients achieve peace of mind during this difficult time. To explore this in greater detail, an experienced lawyer is required to ensure every matter is covered, allowing the estate process to be dealt with efficiently and therefore legitimately.

What happens next?

After our experienced team has established that a grant is necessary we can begin to collate the legal information we require, after dealing with any tax concerns involved and gathering legal documents we can distribute the estate in accordance with the deceased’s will.

What happens if the will is not valid?

In a number of cases the deceased will not have created a valid will, if this is the case then you need not fear, our legal professionals will deal with everything for you. Intestacy rules are put in place in these circumstances and can ensure the parties involved receive the best possible outcome.