What can family solicitors do for me?


Our family solicitors in emsworth are legal experts that specialise in matters to do with family law. Said legal issues can include child custody, divorce, wills and estate, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements but all can be made less stressful with the help of our family solicitors in emsworth. As well as offering legal guidance, family solicitors in emsworth can act as mediators and help diffuse any disagreements that could lead to court proceedings. Raising legal matters against a member of your family can be complicated, especially when emotions are involved. Family solicitors are, sometimes, an essential tool for settling distressing disagreements involving loved ones. But what exactly can they help with?

Estates and wills

Wills are legal documents that outline how a person would like their property to be managed when they die. Family lawyers can be drafted to assist people in the creation of this document to ensure their estate is administered as specified by the deceased via the will.

Child custody agreements

Determining what will happen to children during a divorce settlement can be extremely complicated and stressful. In most cases, couples will agree on a custody agreement and will have to live with the terms therein. However, not all cases are this amicable and may require the assistance of a family lawyer to help mediate an agreement. However, family lawyers can still be drafted for simpler cases to help draft an agreement.


Settling a divorce is a draining experience that is in many cases, unamicable.  Family lawyers are hired to act as a mediator; assisting clients and offering advice on how to approach issues rationally whilst honouring the law. It is the objective of a family lawyer to settle a case fairly before it reaches court but can still help clients even if it does reach that point.

Prenuptial agreements

This is a legal document which is signed by a couple prior to their marriage or civil union. Although the content in these agreements can vary, the main objective is to clearly state the provisions of spousal support and the division property if the marriage fails and a divorce is sought out. Family lawyers can help draft the prenuptial agreement and can handle any matters that may arise from the contract in question, according to the law.

Postnuptial agreements

Although almost identical in purpose, postnuptial agreements differ from prenuptial agreements in that they are created after a marriage. As soon as a marriage is made legal, your assets then become marital property and can include anything from the stocks you earned during marriage, retirement assets or any real estate you have purchased during that time. Family lawyers can help draft this agreement to ensure that all marital assets, as well as future earnings will be divided fairly in the event of divorce.

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