Injuries on the road – how solicitors in Portsmouth can assist

Solicitors in Portsmouth

Over the years, there has been a rise in the number of people choosing to cycle, or use a motorcycle, when getting around. There are also definitely more cars on the roads, meaning that the likelihood of accidents occurring on the road has most likely increased too.

If you’ve been in an accident on the road, whether on a bicycle, motorcycle or in another vehicle, then you should talk to our solicitors in Portsmouth about what your chances are of making a claim for your personal injuries.

Road traffic accidents

Accidents happen, and they happen quickly. They happen to good people and bad people. And when they happen, they can have a massive impact on your health, your finances, your family and your work. With all of that on your plate, it’s always helpful to have some assistance, especially when it comes to a traffic accident.

Traffic accidents can include car, bus, cycling or motorbike accidents. It can also affect you if you were a pedestrian who got injured. Our Andrew & Andrew solicitors have 60 years of experience when it comes to helping people who have been part of a road traffic accident. Below are some examples of accidents that can affect you on the road.

Cycling accidents

Cycling, instead of using a car or public transport, can do wonders for the environment and for your own good health. But by choosing to cycle to work, school, or appointments daily, means that you’re a softer target than someone in a car or on a bus. Accidents do happen, and when they do, the financial strain can be strenuous to you and your family.

If the cycling accident happened in the past three years, Andrew & Andrew solicitors can guide you on your claim. We will push to gain witness accounts of the event and work with insurances of the affected parties, in order to get a good deal. While our solicitors in Portsmouth focus on your case, you can focus on healing, getting well and moving on with your life.

Motorcycle Accidents

It’s an unfortunate truth, but people on motorcycles are more likely to be in an accident than people in an enclosed vehicle, like a car or bus. With this in mind, if you’ve been in an accident on your motorcycle and need legal advice, let us guide you and see if you have a chance to claim for your personal injuries. Like most of the personal injury claims, if you were in an accident within the past three years, then you have a better chance of claiming. You stand an even better chance if you were not in the wrong for the accident.

Make a consultation with Andrew & Andrew

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Let us help you with the finer details while you focus on regaining your health, managing your finances and continuing with life.