Children and family law

Family Solicitors in Portsmouth

When a relationship ends, it’s often the children who find it hardest. Life as they know it alters majorly, and if they are too young to fully understand why, it can be hard on them. This is why, at Andrew & Andrew, our family solicitors in Portsmouth put the children’s needs first. We follow the Resolution Code of Practice, which means we always aim to resolve matters in a constructive way, without confrontation.

It’s not always easy to come to an agreement that suits both parents and the children themselves, but our family solicitors in Portsmouth are experienced in keeping communication open and finding a resolution that works for everyone, particularly the children.

Some people prefer to keep things casual, while others want a court order to specifically outline responsibilities. Whichever view you take, our family solicitors in Portsmouth will work with you for the best outcome for your children.

Resolving issues further down the line

It may be that an arrangement was agreed upon at the time of divorce but later on, one party starts to make things difficult for the other. In cases like this, we will advise you on proceedings for child arrangement orders. We can also assist with specific issue orders, prohibited steps orders, and applications for parental responsibility.


When a difficult divorce takes place, often the grandparents of the children are left out when considering responsibility and visitation. When tensions are running high, the parents may not think about the importance of their child’s relationship with their grandparents. Our family solicitors in Portsmouth can help you apply for contact with your grandchildren.

Other issues involving children

There are a number of reasons why parents may clash over their children. Disputes over schooling and religious upbringing are common, and we are well versed in ways to remind the parents of their children’s best interests, and find a resolution that puts the children first.

When it comes to major decisions such as changing a child’s surname or applying to remove a child from the country, we can help to ease the way and make the process as stress-free as possible.