Dissolving a civil partnership

Family Solicitors in Portsmouth

It’s a sad fact that relationships don’t always work out. People change, circumstances change, and sometimes it just isn’t right to stay together anymore. Most people have a good idea of what is involved in ending a marriage, but what about a civil partnership? The process is a little different, but with the help of a family solicitors in Portsmouth, a civil partnership can be dissolved on good terms.

The process

The process of dissolving a civil partnership is similar in many ways to ending a marriage in divorce. Like divorce, it isn’t a requirement to use a family solicitor in Portsmouth, but also like divorce, you’ll find it eases the way if you do. At Andrew & Andrew we have many years of experience in family law, and offer a friendly, sympathetic service. We follow the Resolution Code of Practice, which means we will always do our best to help you resolve things in a constructive and non-confrontational way.

Grounds for ending a civil partnership

If you want to end a civil partnership, you will need to show that you have good reasons, and that the relationship has broken down and is irretrievable. These reasons are legally referred to as grounds for ending a civil partnership and there are 4 of them. These are unreasonable behaviour, desertion, living apart for 2 years (if your partner agrees), and living apart for 5 years (if your partner disagrees). Our family solicitor in Portsmouth can help you with wording the application and gathering any documents you may need as proof.

Filing an application

There are 3 things you have to apply for to end a civil partnership. Firstly, there’s the dissolution application. This covers all the basic information about both parties. Then, if your partner agrees to ending the civil partnership, you will apply for a conditional order. This must be done at least 9 days after your partner has received the dissolution application. The conditional order includes a statement regarding the grounds for ending the civil partnership and your partner’s response. Lastly, there is the final order application, which must be made at least 6 weeks after the conditional order. The final order is the legal document ending the civil partnership.