Can you avoid divorce?

Family Solicitors in Portsmouth

Divorce can be hard on people but often it is just the first step on the road to a better general quality of life. It might feel worse to begin with but, without divorce, sometimes things cannot get better. Often, it’s easier to move on after a split if you feel like you’ve done everything you can before you engage family solicitors in Portsmouth, like Andrew & Andrew.

Deal breakers

There are a lot of emotional grey areas when it comes to relationships. However, if you are experiencing emotional or physical abuse, this is a clear sign that you need to find a way to leave. At Andrew & Andrew, family solicitors in Portsmouth, we can help you understand your legal position upon leaving a relationship. We are discreet and can also point you in the direction of further support.


This is the reason for divorce that is cited most often by women. It is possible for a relationship to recover from infidelity, but it does require a lot of communication, honesty and a commitment to forgiveness.

If the marriage does eventually break down due to infidelity, one or both parties can be very hurt. This is when it helps to have mediation to sort out some of the details. It can help create a little bit of distance between you and the issues.

Money issues

Our feelings around money are linked to our sense of security. This means it’s no wonder that people can get quite emotional around money – especially when it is being shared but perhaps not equally earned.

Some couples choose to make financial agreements around assets they already own before they get married. This is known as a pre-nuptial agreement. With this in place, it can help some people to relax and feel like they do not need to rely on fickle emotions for their financial security. This is something we can help you with as family solicitors in Portsmouth.

Falling out of love

Long-term partnerships take work. They need refreshing all the time to keep going. It’s helpful to remind yourself of good things about your partner all the time so you keep seeing them in a positive light.