You’ve been in a traffic incident – what do you do now?

Solicitors in Portsmouth

Being in a road traffic incident can be confusing and disorientating. Preparing yourself for an incident with a bit of cautionary research can make all the difference if it ever comes up. As solicitors in Portsmouth, Andrew & Andrew have experience working with drivers, motorcyclists and cyclists to get compensation after traffic incidents. Most people don’t know what they are entitled to and this means they are likely to be missing out on the kind of support that can make all the difference after a smash.

First steps

Your immediate concern is your wellbeing and that of anyone else involved in the incident. Call an ambulance and/or the police if necessary. They will assist with any injuries and ensure that everyone is safe.

If you are able, you can then begin taking notes and documenting the incident. Take photographs whenever you can.

Exchange details

You and any other drivers need to exchange information for insurance purposes. You do not need to spend any time establishing fault. The insurance companies will take care of this or it can be handled by solicitors in Portsmouth, like Andrew & Andrew.

File your claim

Once you make your claim, the insurance company will take over for a while. You will get updates and may need to agree to various steps. If you are unsure about your position, you can take advice from solicitors in Portsmouth to ensure you know your rights.

Taking action

Regardless of whether you are satisfied with the outcome of negotiations by the insurance company, you can still make a private claim for general and/or special damages. You may also want to investigate getting your legal costs covered by any decision in your favour. The effects of a road traffic accident can be far-reaching. It can affect your ability to work or take care of your day-to-day tasks. You may be entitled to compensation for this.

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