First time buyer?

Conveyancing Solicitors in Portsmouth

Welcome to the world of house buying. You’ve no doubt heard that buying a house is up there, alongside bereavement and divorce, for being one of the most stressful situations someone can experience. It makes sense really, your house is probably going to be the most expensive thing you ever buy, and the largest amount of money you will ever borrow. So, when you’ve finally looked at a gazillion houses or flats, and secured yourself a mortgage, put in an offer and had it accepted, now comes the legal stuff. For this, it really does make sense to engage the services of a firm of conveyancing solicitors in Portsmouth, such as us at Andrew & Andrew.

At Andrew & Andrew, conveyancing solicitors in Portsmouth, we have been helping people buy and sell houses since 1954. We really know our stuff and can take you through each stage of the buying process, and discuss anything that worries you or we think might be a problem.

But you are right at the start of the process. It’s the end of winter and the house buying season is about to start (things go a bit crazy in spring although you can buy a house at any time of year). Before you get out there or online and start looking, just go over the points below and make sure you have everything ready, in case the first house you see if your dream home.

Have you got enough money for the deposit?

You will need to have pay at least a 5% deposit. It could be more. Remember, the more you pay in deposit, the wider your choice of cheap mortgages.

Don’t forget you have to also pay the other costs

As well as the mortgage, you will need to have money saved for survey costs, stamp duty, legal fees, insurance and decorating and furnishing your home. That can be quite a chunk of money.

What about government schemes?

The government wants you to buy a house and you might be eligible for one of its current Help to Buy schemes.

Whatever you need, once it’s time for the legal bit, contact us as your

conveyancing solicitors in Portsmouth.