When you may need solicitors in Portsmouth

Solicitors in Portsmouth

Most of us glide through life without the need of legal services from a firm of solicitors in Portsmouth, but there are some big life events that the law takes notice of and when it comes to these, it pays to get outside help.

At Andrew & Andrew, your solicitors in Portsmouth, we have been helping families deal with big life events for more than 60 years. Here’s when you will need us:

Buying and selling your home

It’s amazing how convoluted buying and selling a house can be. It’s not just a matter of ‘I like it. I’ll have it’. You have to get a mortgage and the mortgage company wants to know it is making a sound investment. So there are a lot of legal searches to carry out. Are the sellers the real owners? Are there any big developments planned nearby that could affect the market value? Are there any mines or drains under the house that could cause subsidence? What about the risk of flooding? Your solicitors in Portsmouth is the go-between for you and the seller to sort out all the legal aspects of the sale as well as what you are buying with the house. Do you get the fixtures and fittings, the garden plants?

Ending a marriage

When a marriage ends, it’s not just the relationship that gets broken up, it’s often also the marital home. Solicitors help you sort out who gets what in terms of possessions and in terms of upkeep, as well as what happens to the children, and parents’ and grandparents’ rights to spend time with them and have a say in their upbringing. It can be a tortuous time and compassionate help from solicitors in Portsmouth can smooth it out.

At the end of a life

Making a will makes dealing with a death so much easier for those who are left behind. Your solicitors in Portsmouth can help you draw up a will that names executors and makes sure that your loved ones do not unnecessarily lose money to the government through probate fees.

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