Being practical in the midst of chaos

Solicitors in Portsmouth

Significant events such as marriage, buying your first home or the death of a parent or close relative, can be stressful. You will no doubt have ideas on how things should ideally proceed, but when you are caught up in the emotions of your life events, it’s incredibly difficult to make clear, sound decisions that serve the needs of all those concerned. It’s at these moments, working with a solicitors in Portsmouth can bring much needed clarity.

A solicitor for each stage of your life

From first time buying to looking after your assets when you die, a good solicitors in Portsmouth can make all the difference. At Andrew and Andrew Solicitors, we have amassed over 60 years of experience including family law, will and probate law and conveyancing. We take our role in your life events incredibly seriously, caring for your interests when you are facing some of the most stressful experiences life can bring.

If you are about to get married, you may be thinking of safeguarding your future together by looking at premarital arrangements. Having financial agreements in place before the special day can make for a solid and transparent partnership that will set you in good stead. You will no doubt be looking to buy your first home together, and as your solicitors in Portsmouth we are well placed to be your conveyancing solicitor.

If you are selling your home to create a joint family home, we will pay particular attention to the chain of your sale, making sure the transition is as smooth as possible.

Once you have children, you may wish to plan for their futures, even looking at the what if’s. If you suddenly found yourself bereaved or if your spouse was suddenly widowed, planning for possible events can ensure that whilst your family is grieving, they are taken care off by you.

We take pride in putting you at the heart of our services and you will always be given one point of contact. Our well-established practice is likely to be able to meet all your solicitors in Portsmouth needs throughout your life.