When to use a probate solicitor

Probate Solicitors in Portsmouth

When a loved one dies, taking care of all the legal aspects related to their estate can be difficult. Common concerns include the presence of a valid will and who has power to deal with the deceased’s estate.

Andrew & Andrew probate solicitors in Portsmouth are very experienced in probate law and will help you understand what happens and who gets what when someone dies, with or without leaving a will. It is almost certain that you will require a solicitor, since probate is a long and complicated legal process and can become even longer if you do not know what you are after.

What are the services provided by probate solicitors in Portsmouth?

At Andrew & Andrew, we offer a wide range of legal services to people who have lost a friend or a relative. Our well-trained and experienced probate solicitors in Portsmouth have exceptional legal, accountancy and administrative skills, and have excellent social skills, since they come in contact with distraught clients frequently. Moreover, our probate solicitors in Portsmouth are knowledgeable in all taxes that apply after a person has died (i.e. income tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax etc). When dealing with the estate of a deceased person, different tax returns apply and they have to be filled in accordingly. This can be a difficult and daunting task even for the executors of the will, but a probate solicitors in Portsmouth are very knowledgeable of the tax forms involved.

Being a probate solicitor, is not only about the law. Andrew & Andrew probate solicitors are great with accountancy and numbers, since managing the workings of an estate after the death of its owner, required a high degree of numeric literacy. Our probate solicitors can take care of all the financial aspects involved with the estate, including (but not necessarily limited to) the proceeds from selling the house as well as the management of bank accounts and stocks and shares. More importantly, in a time of stress and grief, we are here to help you deal with funeral costs and utility bills.

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