Making life run smoothly – Andrew & Andrew solicitors in Portsmouth

Solicitors in Portsmouth

Legal processes exist to offer clarity around areas of life that can otherwise be complex and messy. Andrew & Andrew are here to help you navigate the various times in your life when you might need the assistance of a solicitors in Portsmouth.

At our professional and friendly firm, we offer a wide range of services covering some of the major legal processes you might face. Our team understands the human factor at work during many of these times and can offer you the support you need to get your personal and professional obligations taken care of. We can also help you to get what you are entitled to in many cases when acting as your solicitors in Portsmouth.

Conveyancing solicitors

Buying and selling property should be simple with right help. Andrew & Andrew can help this to be the case in even the most complex cases. We are experienced in the many different aspects of property transactions, so we can offer you the benefit of this. We know that the best house purchases and sales are conducted efficiently and in a timely manner, so that all parties feel that the transaction has momentum.

When you engage Andrew & Andrew as your solicitors in Portsmouth, we ensure that this is the case so that, even if we do come across a bump in the road, we have the communication skills and relationships to get past it easily.

Family solicitors

Family life involves plenty of agreements and disputes without involving the law! However, there are times that legal processes can support a family through difficult times such as in the event of separation or divorce. As your solicitors in Portsmouth, Andrew & Andrew ensure that you benefit from clear and practical legal agreements around property, assets, children and many other aspects of family life.

Probate solicitors

As probate solicitors, Andrew & Andrew are here to help when someone has passed away. It can be hard to deal with grief and attend to the details of probate. That’s why we take on as much of the work as possible and give you clear, concise instructions regarding what you need to do and the documents you need to provide.