How to buy a house in four easy steps

Conveyancing Solicitors in Portsmouth

Buying a house can take time. The first part is often the hardest – finding a house that you want to make into your new home. Many people look at lots of properties before finding the one that feels right for them. It also has to hit the mark when it comes to distance from work, access to amenities, view or whatever criteria are important to you.

Finally, you will find a place and agree to put in an offer. You phone the estate agent and they talk to the seller. They accept your offer – success! And you can now start the purchase process. That’s when you contact Andrew & Andrew to direct us to act as your conveyancing solicitors in Portsmouth.

We will take the process through all the steps that are required to make your house purchase a reality. There are some variations depending on the property and your requirements but the basic steps are as follows:

  • Searches – there are potentially quite a few searches that need to be done on any property. It is one of the services that Andrew & Andrew will perform for you when we act as your conveyancing solicitors in Portsmouth;
  • Survey – you can choose what level of survey you want. Your mortgage provider will probably have a basic requirement. We can put you in touch with a surveyor or you can find one through the Royal Institute of Charted Surveyors;
  • Exchange contracts and pay the deposit – there will be an exchange of information between ourselves and the seller’s solicitor prior to exchanging contracts. We then send you paperwork to sign and ask for your deposit. After the exchange is completed, both parties are legally committed to the sale;
  • Complete – this usually happens within a few weeks of the exchange. You will pay any stamp duty and remaining legal costs as well as the balance of the cost of your home. Your conveyancing solicitors in Portsmouth will help you complete all these processes. You can then pick up the keys and begin the moving process. If you are part of a chain then this will be happening for several sellers and buyers at once.