Power of Attorney demystified

Andrew & Andrew is here to help with every stage of life. We are available to serve your legal needs whether you have had an accident, need to make a will, have family matters to attend to or just need the advice of a solicitors. In Portsmouth, at our offices, we have a friendly, professional team who are sensitive to the human factor involved in legal issues. We can help demystify complex processes so you know exactly what you are getting into.

Sometimes, people decide that they no longer wish to make all of the decisions surrounding their financial and legal affairs. This might be because they don’t always feel clear about what is in their best interests or they know that their mental capacity is likely to diminish because of an illness. If this is you then it may be appropriate to get a Power of Attorney. At Andrew & Andrew, we know this can be difficult to think about but it is easier for everyone if something is in place before your mental capacity changes. As your solicitors in Portsmouth, we can help you decide which Power of Attorney to choose.

What types of Power of Attorney are there?

In England and Wales, there are two types of Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) – health and welfare and, property and financial. The first can only be used when you have lost mental capacity, while the latter can be used at any time after it is made as long as you give you permission.

The health and welfare LPA means that someone can make decisions about your personal care, medical treatment and where you will reside.

The property and financial LPA is used to allow someone to act on your behalf in these matters. Some people want a property and financial LPA because they no longer wish to interact with banks or other institutions. These organisations will only deal with someone else if an LPA is in place.

You can choose to have both versions in place if you wish.

Andrew & Andrew can take you through the process of setting up an LPA. We advise you of all the implications when you engage us as your solicitors in Portsmouth.